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‘At least one’ was a popular slogan in NAVASCO around 1971/1972 academic year. A master who happened to be an old student named withheld tried to maintain discipline in the school but met with stiff opposition. One day, he was manhandled by two students. It was very shocking to see two students poured stew into the face of the master while supervising dinner meal. This incident took place in the dining hall in the evening of the fateful day. The master was spontaneously mad and decided to handle the students in his own way. He ran out of the dining room to his house, brought out a cutlass and started to chase all students around with the cutlass in his hand, saying
“At least one, At least one, at least one student must pay for it.”
The whole area was rowdy and the students were running helter-skelter while the master was pursuing all students because he could not identify them among the crowd. The Headmaster himself was attracted to the scene.
The Headmaster rushed into his car and went to the police station in town to report the incident. The police quickly mobilized their men and then rushed to the school to calm the situation and probably to make arrests. The master and the two boys were taken to the police station in Navrongo town and were made to write their statements.
The students claimed, “the master spat saliva on our meal which was an affront and insult to our rights and integrity and this caused the highest provocation. We had no alternative than to react by reflex action. We did not even know that the person was our master. Even if he was, he has no right to spit into our continental meal. (Yam with palm oil stew and beef cut into pieces). We know this master very well when he was a student to be a villain of the highest order. He now wants to maintain discipline, for Where?”
The Master too claimed, “if not in a school where morality has gone low and indiscipline is the highest order of the day, this type of insult and assault on a master on duty should not have happened. I had warned the two students several times not to put their meals together again in one plate while eating. Apart from the fact that it is not ideal, they could also transmit disease to each other which could spread to other students. The greatest offence however was for any student to eat with its bare hand which they did.
It was difficult for both the Police and the Headmaster to pass any judgment. They all knew the master to be an immaculate person from all his previous dealings as a master but this time around, he threw everything over board.
However, three issues were discovered that must be addressed.
(i)That, the students were eating together in one plate with bare hands.
(ii) That the students poured stew on the master’s face.
(iii) That the master took cutlass in pursuing the students.
The students were suspended for that dastardly act while the master was advised never to use cutlass to pursue students any longer. However, ‘At Least One’ still lingers on in the memory of students of that time.
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Zakaria Abu-bakar Sidick: We need more

Alabira Ibrahim: Muda Ogunsola, I surely remember this incident and the persons who were involved. There was pandemonium that faithful evening and fearful too. Obviously the students weren’t right. Not in the least. The master on duty was just performing his duty.

Rodney Anakpena: Whoa! What a savage reaction from both parties. Very disrespectful students and a tutor who shouldn’t have lost his co