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Kenkey was one of our best food in NAVASCO at that time. However, there had been complaints over a period of time for the poor quality Kenkey being served in the dining hall to us. One day, when we got to the dining room to have our dinner, we were shocked again to meet smelling kenkey as our dinner. A senior student named Musa (pseudo) addressed us in an earthquake tone not to eat the smelling meal. 
This led to: “We don’t want kenkey, We don’t want kenkey riot and strike.”
Tension was high with emotional outbursts from all students which led to a total anarchy. The strike was led by Musa (pseudo). Students blocked and barricaded all roads leading to the classes, to the Headmaster’s house, to the dormitories, and to the main gate. The song of we don’t want kenkey rented the air continuously and the situation became rowdy and students became uncontrollable.
Students carried placards with different inscriptions. Save us from bad Kenkey all the time and therefore, give us better food. The strike escalated to the following day. All students refused to attend classes. Placards with different inscriptions were written on the boards. Water melon and other fruits planted by the students were harvested and eaten raw. 
Some students’ stood aloof and unconcerned, while most of the population, including some masters were very active. When all persuasions failed and school looked chaotic, the Headmaster assembled all the students in the Assembly hall and addressed us. In his characteristics ways of speaking, He lamented and felt disappointed. “Since my arrival in this school as your Headmaster, I have watched helplessly on the ways some students behave. This is not the first school I have served and I have never seen where there is total breakdown of law and order as NAVASCO.”
Therefore, the Headmaster further made a declarative statement of, “the school is therefore closed down with immediate effect and all of you are ordered to pack out of the school within four hours from now, thank you.”
Musa (pseudo) addressed the students in a more confused language with vocabularies that some students could neither comprehend nor understand their meanings. He further advised all students not be bothered by the closure of the school. He continued, “you should be ready to fight for good administration anywhere you find yourselves. The NAVASCO I used to know has degenerated beyond imagination. You should not have any fear. Truth shall always prevail over falsehood.  I know that the iroko tree will soon wither and quite believe that history would prove us right.
The students responded,
“The struggle continues and victory is definitely sure,” Musa (pseudo) concluded. However, Musa (pseudo) confronted the Headmaster to bring out his school CERTIFICATE and compared with his own. He believed, the Headmaster’s result was not better than his own. 
Almost all the students carried their loads on their heads and went out of the school through the main gate while others took the foot paths. When the time expired, the police took control and pursued those left out of the school compound.
Two weeks later an enquiry was set up by the regional Education Authority to find out both the remote and immediate causes of the strike. Musa (pseudo) and some other ‘ring’ leaders were invited to represent the students’ interest.
At the end of the enquiry, the panel found Musa (pseudo) and the two other students guilty. Musa (pseudo) was sacked. He was however not disturbed by the decision of the panel and resolved to continue with the struggle where ever he found himself. He concluded that no amount of blackmail could deter his principles and could not be distracted from the path of honour. However, Musa had earlier sat for a preliminary examination to one of the universities. He passed and was later given admission.
When school reopened, students were assembled in the old Assembly hall and addressed by a PhD holder from the Ministry of Education. As he spoke. “After all, you students ‘cannot be able to feed yourselves.” All students by a reflex action bowed down at once for the bullet and misuse of English language by our visitor. In NAVASCAN term, we say ‘AGBAN HAN’. 
I am expecting comments, contributions and corrections from seniors and colleagues because I was only in Form three at that time. Least to forget to mention that we were given an essay by our class English master, Mr. Awuna (pseudo) to write on the causes of the school strike. I bet you my brothers and sisters that was the only assay written for the whole year and was never marked. My Form three Gold classmates could bare me out. The master was only coming to the class to tell us about his life in the University and nothing more. He could yawn from morning till night.
Thank you all and expect series 11 and 12 soon.
Muda Ogunsola Folio Number 1087. (1968-1973) batch.
Top of Form


Kofi Issah: We all know who senior Musa is. He has never changed. Carrying his confrontational even into public services
Kofi Issah: Confrontational attitude
Zakaria Abu-bakar Sidick: Very interesting to read so where is senior Musa
Kelvin Abem: The Nkrumah’s, Luther king’s of navasco, hahaha
Yahuza Mohammed Gomda: Senior Musah is now a prominent engineer turned lawyer and has served in government in many ways. I like to add that all the seniors who were sacked got their way to the University. 
Evie Kashnow Kingsley: Muda…I do remember this “event”, questioning why the students were leaving NAVASCO early in the school year. 
Evie Kashnow Kingsley, thanks for the advice. We must be very careful in what we publish.
Muda Ogunsola: Evie Kashnow Kingsley, However, I have no intention of hurting anybody’s feelings in my write ups. I was even writing sries 11 when your contributions came in and I had to drop my biro.
Alabira Ibrahim: Evie Kashnow Kingsley we appreciate your comments and Muda Ogunsola will accordingly.
Wepiah Cletus: Very interesting write-ups. In fact it will be very educative to the younger generation. Folio 13176 (2001-2013). I enjoy every bit of it.