The School is currently a beneficiary to two government projects notably a Girls’ Dormitory being funded by GET-Fund and two modern toilet facilities one each for the girls and the boys from the Ministry of Water and Sanitation.


NABIA has also undertaken a number of projects. Some have been completed whilst others were on-going. The Abavana ICT Complex block, the renovation of MacDonal Hall, the re-equipping of the Home Economics Laboratory, the creation of a second Chemistry Laboratory, are all completed NABIA projects. The construction of new school gate and the construction of a room to house a Corn Mill were on-going. Plans were at foot to construct a clinic, as well as to expand the existing Dining Hall.


The Parent Teacher Association now Parents Association has renovated a number of staff bungalows constructed an Outer Kitchen to help to decongest the main Kitchen. It has also been paying the allowance of volunteer workers thereby alleviating the manpower deficit of the School.