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There were many extra curriculum activities that students of our time were involved in. I would discuss; the Cadet Corps, the Boys Scout, Duke Of Edinburgh Awards, GUNSA, Arts and Cultural Society and the Debating society.
The Cadet Corps
The Cadet Corps in NAVASCO was mostly meant for boys whose mind sets were to take the military force as future profession. More so that, we had military Head of States throughout Africa at that time. This encouraged many students to jpin while others joined just because it was lively. In any case, may be, because of the uniform and the boots, almost all the students loved to join Cadets too. Students that joined were however the tough and the courageous that were not scared of anything because it was meant for disciplined students and future leaders. The barrack boys’ naturally qualified being soldiers children and barrack boys for that matter. They were therefore dominated the Cadet Corps. Some of them were promoted to either Corporal or Sgt. Major.
The barrack boys taught us many things which included on how to iron both our cadet and school uniforms and it was always spectacular. We would wet the cloth with starch where necessary and at times, only with water. We did put another cloth on top of the actual cloth to be ironed. We did this for two reasons. This was done to avoid the cloth being burnt and also to prevent it from shinning. The uniform would thus have perpendicular gators. When we polished shoes, one would wonder whether the shoes were just newly bought. We would take our time in using soap and foam to clean the base of the shoes and then used cloth to clean the shoes before applying polish. After the application of the polish, we would dry them in the sun before shinning them. The shoes treated in these ways would be well polished. We learnt a lot on how to wash, iron and polish.
As early as 5:00 o’clock in the morning, the Sergeant Major attached to the school’s cadet will blow his whistle calling members out for parade and other activities. Members were always punctual and disciplined. The members were given several endurance trainings. 
One day, we matched to and fro Paga and NAVASCO with few casualties. Some fell out of the parade while others fainted and were rushed to the hospital with the school’s pickup that followed us. However, most of us felt at home with all these activities. We had the stamina for all that it took to be qsuccessful Cadet Corps members. My boots were undersized but as a disciplined ‘soldier’, though, I had serious pains in my both legs, I refused to remove them until the day’s activities. When I eventually removed them, I saw blisters formation at the back of my feet with blood forming an ellipse. On that day, the Sergeant Major really drilled us. We jumped, crawled and played a hide and seek game in the nearby forest. When I visited the sick bay, my legs were treated with methylated spirit, hydrogen peroxide and then bandaged. My co-cadet members described me as a disciplined ‘Biafra’ soldier. They chose that name for two reasons. I am a Nigerian and at that time  Nigeria was fighting a civil war. Nigeria versus Biafra. The Sgt. Major would describe us as either gallant cadets or dozy cadets depending on one’s performance. We were also made to sing many encouraging songs like;
“Bature yaayi wawa akoreshi,
Yaayi wawa haha yaayi wawa akoreshi, yaayi wawa” 
Sgt. Major yaayi wawa akoreshi
Yaayi wawa haha yaayi wawa akoreshi.
Another song was;
Che che kule, Cheche Kofi sa, Kofisa langa, langa tiongo, ku allele, ku allele.
Some took pictures with their cadet uniforms to ‘shakara’ or ‘buruga’ during the holidays.
Boys Scout
The Boys scout is a para military Organization whose aims were to develop youths to have sound mind and good judgement. They used to have several leadership and endurance trainings. They were mostly particular on rescuing operations using several methods. They made use of the rope to climb, to arrest a culprit and to rescue people in danger. They used different methods to resuscitate unconscious patients ranging from mouth to mouth or mouth to nose respiration.
Their uniform was green shirt, Khaki shorts or trousers with a cream cap. They also had rope tied on their left side of the shoulder. The members of Scout Boys used their left hands to shake each other. It was an Organization that attracted many students because it was equally lively.
Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award  Program
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program was introduced by our Headmaster; Mr. Collin G. MacDonald. Some students joined because it was more or else an entrepreneurship program. In Duke of Edinburg’s Award Association, students gradually graduated from bronze to silver and finally obtained gold in Swimming, Carpentry, Mason and a host of others. This brought open competition among students. Mr. Caswell and Oguns (junior) were the supervisors.
(GUNSA) Ghana United Nations Students Association
I think I am right on the title. The association ws very popular among students. It was the student’s wing of the United Nations Organization. The Association brought life into the student’s activities because it made students know about the world around them. It was from there we learnt about the super powers,  the developing nations and the underdeveloped. 
We used to hold conferences in line with United Nations Organization’s aims and objectives of the comprising member states. I could recollect vividly that it was Janet Ladipo of (BOLICO) Bolgatanga Women Training College that used to represent Indira Gandhi of India. She would dress like Indira and spoke Indian English. We used to rotate conferences from one school to the other. These included NAVASCO, BOLICO, KANCO, Kanton Teachers Training College and others. The Secretary General was our senior Tunde Ladipo. When he passed out, Chris Atim took over. Senior Tunde Ladipo served as Honourable member in the National House of Representative in Nigeria twice. Senior ‘Number Nine’ as he was called was a powerful orator that used to make the activities of the Association much lively.
Arts And Cultural Association
As the name applies, it was a cultural Association that developed student’s intellects, English and acting capacity. The members were mostly from the Arts classes. Their activities brought fame to NAVASCO especially when they acted; ‘Winds Versus Polygamy.’    Coincidentally, the present Sagnari Naa Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai acted as the African King in the play. It was all about an African King versus European Culture by Obi Egbuna. The play was well acted and was shown in many schools in Ghana.
The Debating Society
Members of the society were mostly Arts class with few science students. They used to debate several topics that had relevance with the society.
My steam is gradually diminishing because this topic is written in hurry in order to fulfil my promise before Ramadan. I believe, NABIA family enjoyed all my series from one to fifteen as promised. I am expecting more presentations, comments and reactions from my seniors, mates and juniors to any of the topics discussed. 
Finally, I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude firstly to God that gave us knowledge and also made all of us attended that great school NAVASCO. I know, writing topics about NAVASCO by only one person might not be comprehensive enough. I still have to plead with NABIA family to pardon me where my reports were  inaccurate. It was only to cover five years out of fifty five years of the great school. I was encouraged to write when I read the articles of the most respected  Senior Armiyau Harruna folio 48 and that of Senior Hon. Alabira Ibrahim. I told myself, if my seniors could write so beautifully like this, I must also help them by contributing what I could recollect. All of you are edged to come out and reveal all those records in the archives. Though, we see things differently.
In conclusion, I salute the  Headmaster of our  time and his Assistant, other Headmasters that ever became the Head of NAVASCO at one time or the other. So also, all those great Masters and Mistresses, I thank them all for impacting knowledge we are using today. May God bless and protect them all including all Nabia. I have not forgotten the School’s Bursar, the Liberian, the laboratory staff and the Kitchen staff. They were all fantastic. My great Seniors like; Baba Sofianu, Armiyau Harruna, Yakubu Abdullai, Isaac Nana Ammisa Eshun, Tunde Ladipo, Alokore, Alhassan Scorpion, Leah (288), Ali Dakura, NO 9, Ndebugri, T. A. Salami, Navro, Dery, Abatanga, Wackson, Jawula, Oyelowo, Folaranmi, Agambila, Yamusa, Tinorgah, Alabira, Razak Apalara, Susi Sanusi, Baah, Abugri, Chris Atim and several seniors were good examples and role models for those coming behind. I had mentioned some of my mates in series 14. Those that I forgot should please pardon me. To my juniors, such as Kofi Mourna, Kutana, Mosoud Lawal, Kasali Shittu, David Millar and a host of others, I appreciate you all for shattering records already set before you. To those still in NAVASCO currently should please take their studies very seriously because it is the only weapon that could lead you to the top. 
Thank you all and to see you after the Holy month of Ramadan.
Muda Dayo Ogunsola, Folio Number 1087.
Philip Dinko: Unparalleled contributions so far! Kudos.
Muda Ogunsola: Thank you. I expected some NABIA to also contribute more. These articles had made me to be in direct contacts with some old friends, masters and mistresses.
Yakubu Braimah: Well done. That’s all I can say.
Tang Moses: Thank you my brother, for the write up. Congratulations
Wepiah Cletus God bless you and grant you long and a fulfilling life. Bless Ramadan
Joseph Zilare: Wow! A clear demonstration of powerful retentive memory
Joseph Zilare: Uncle Muda, in your time at Navasco, did anyone ever describe your folio number as ‘Articulator’ number? Especially having gone past the folio number 1000 mark?
Bin Salih Hafiz: Fantastic piece of writing, your series brought fond memories of my days in Navasco. God bless us all.
Muda Ogunsola What of 1000 himself?
Pete Akari: Good piece of writing! Photographic memory. Didn’t know you had such talent. Keep it up mate!
Muda Ogunsola: Pete Akari, thanks for your comments. Man must not be on the same sport for 48years.
Joseph Zilare: ‘Articulator’ number was referred to people who joined later with very higher folio numbers. Mine was 4849 and in our days would have qualified for an Articulator folio number.
Alabira Ibrahim: Wonderful chronicles. You made it, fifteen episodes altogether. How does anyone remember all that after 48 years? Muda Ogunsola, you have been fantastic. 
But remember you are not done yet. You are immediately drafted into my editorial team that will produce a compilation for the 60th Anniversary. You will be joined by your classmates AYMB Adam Ibrahimah and others.
Muda Ogunsola: Senior Alabira Ibrahim, thanks for the invitation ta serve in the editorial team.. I promise to participate effectively. Thanks till the end of Ramadan.
Zakaria Abu-bakar Sidick: Senior kindly come back to continue after Ramadan may God bless you
Ali Dakurah: I doff my hat to you, Ogun’s. If I remember folio 1000 was another character altogether. Can’t remember the name but he was quite a character. Can someone help me?
Ali Dakurah And wishing u and all nabia a blessed Ramadan
Richmond Bagna: I appreciate all your efforts but I have a question for u in private chat.daddy/Senior keep it up we enjoy very episode. Blessings from Ghana to u & the entire family
Nerabia Komanaba: Waaaoow a very interesting peace of life history. However, by the time we got there and joined some of those clubs, there were amalgamated. For instance, Boys’ and Cadet came together to form the Cadet Corps.