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I thanked God that I have been able to publish series 1-10 successfully in NABIA Group. The comments and reactions were dissected and thoroughly analyzed. In as much as I appreciate the comments especially the positive ones, I appeal to all NABIA to please be very cautious not only in your comments or reactions but in whatever article you want to post on the NABIA Group page. Especially immoral pictures, disrespective comments on Masters or NABIA as a whole. Some comments on my series 10; ‘I don’t want kenkey strike’ and the article by Dr. Kofi Issah on war Generals and comments led to a lot of controversies. We should be very mild in our articles and comments in order not to cause disaffection among the NABIA family.
I am always proud to be a NABIA for successfully passing through the great school. I did not only pass through the great school like a snake that passed through on top of a rock without any trace. To me, I know that I acquired much knowledge not only in academic but morals too that has led me to where I am today. I used NAVASCO knowledge and experience to impact knowledge on the young ones positively.
We had a great Headmaster and his superlative team of many years of experienced masters which included his Assistant; Mr. BOB Tater and other masters are; Mr. Caswell, the Gearys, the Harveys, the Baxters, the Lukkys, the Bedoks, Miss Kopachek, Miss Temple that later became Mrs. Baxter, Mr. Deboer, Miss Evie Kashnow, Mr.Stocks, Miss Smart, Messrs.’ Frepomg, Miazga, Baba Sofianu, Nunera, Alhassan, Alokore. King Bruce, Father Duncan and many others that I could not recollect or those that I spelled their names wrongly should please forgive me because issues of about 45years is quite a long time for our memories that are daily deteriorating to contain.
The Headmaster, very knowledgeable and sound both academically and technically too. He was both the father and the ‘servant’ of the students. Mr. MacDonald maintained discipline not only in the students alone but the masters alike. He had his principles. No students should go out of the school without an exit permit. Though we used to flout the rule by sneaking out to either Navrongo or Bolgatanga through Nortre Dam secondary school gate. If you were caught then, that became your own cup of tea.
Mr. MacDonald used to go round during classes and any of the classes without a Master, MacDonald would demand for the name of the master that was to teach after that He would hold chalk and started to teach effectively. He could calculate 0.000015 x 10 raised to power 7 off hand. It used to amuse us especially when we were in the junior classes but later we knew he was using standard form. He would go round the hostels in the night and anywhere he saw a faint light of lantern, our Headmaster would move to the dormitory and called out the seniors especially the form fives and upper sixth students and say, “will you bring out your lantern.“ We must obey him. Though some students who hurriedly put of the lantern would be detected. He would touch the (head) top of the lantern and anyone that was warm or hot became a culprit. This approach had helped me a lot in life.
Mr. MacDonald would drive his official car, the School Bus, the Truck named the moving dormitory, the tractor and mostly too his Motorcycle which he used always. MacDonald became Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Automobile Engineer serving students like a pen Master that served his…………..
Anytime the taps could not flow due to one reason or the other, MacDonald would mount a tank on the tractor, fetched water into it and drive to beside the Administraton Block for students (form one boys) to queue up and fetched the water one after the other. Anything MacDonald bought at that time, his comments would be, “Hmmmm! It is quite cheap and good”. He would not buy anything unless it was cheap and good.
He was a man who was always on shorts and shirt. In any occasion which was very rare that MacDonald wore trousers, students would clap their hands endlessly. His response was just a smile. When he bought the moving dormitory, it was quite cheap and good and also when he bought the new Assembly structures at the trade fair in Accra. It was quite cheap and good. I can recollect that MacDonald made us work and work. The entire students were made to assemble the great MacDonald Assembly hall, to make the metal chairs and tables, construction of some bungalows and others with the supervision of Mr. Caswell and his ‘Boy’ junior Oguns.
The Asst. Headmaster; tough and lion hearted Bob Tater, a disciplinarian of the highest order that hardly laugh and anytime he smiled it would be followed with the shaking of his head. He was an historian and English Master. Students feared him so much because his judgment was final. He was equally my Housemaster of Garvey House before the creation of Abatey house out of Garvey.
Others are Mr. & Mrs. Lukky; these are too great Master and Mistress. Mr. Lukky taught English but never taught me. Mrs. Lukky was an excellent Mathematics Mistress that taught us for just a term in form two. She was always much interested in speed test and accuracy in mathematics and not in typing. She would shout her heart out, “for goodness sake, Edward sit down and think, think, think and think.” She indeed improved our mathematics tremendously within the shortest time she taught us.
I hope to complete series 12 still discussing the great masters while series 13 would be on the great and excellent students and their reading culture in NAVASCO. It would be then that the younger generations would know that their seniors were used as guinea pigs and the results of which they enjoying today. Please, accept my comments in good faith. Thank you all while awaiting my other series.
Muda Dayo Ogunsola, (Oguns Senior).
Folio number 1087 (1968 – 1973).